Easy-to-Give Glucagon: Baqsimi

Baqsimi, the nasal glucagon available from Lilly is available.   Although it is super easy to use, it’s completely new and different from other products you have encountered with diabetes management . Click on the link below to watch a video and learn how Baqsimi works before you and your friends, family, caregivers and co-workers need to use it.    Be prepared for Baqsimi.     


A few weeks ago, I found myself in a situation that required the use of Baqsimi. Although I had read the instructions, I had not watched the video, and wish that I had done so in retrospect. The product is very easy to use, but a video is always nice to watch before using something as important as this for the first time.   

The website for Baqsimi is nicely presented, and has some support for people with diabetes who need help getting it.   Here is a link for information that can lower the copayment to 0 for qualifying persons through December, 2019:


I carried Baqsimi glucagon with me in my SPI belt during the NYC marathon last Sunday, and thankfully I did not need it.   Just having it handy gave me peace of mind.   It is only a few inches long and fits in the palm of your hand.



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