Honey Packets for Hypos: Starbucks Keeps Them Handy

Hypos happen everywhere,  and thankfully STARBUCKS are everywhere, so it’s helpful to remember that there are honey packets at the condiment station, just in case you have a hypo moment while you are enjoying your beverage.   It probably wasn’t intended to be used as a mini rescue for hypoglycemia  by Starbucks management, but I for one am delighted to have them available when and if I am out and about in the city, running and need to replenish the glucose level or gel packets in my SPI belt.  Sometimes all you need is a honey packet.    I have kept leftover honey packets in pockets for months without any trouble and even put some through wash cycles without them breaking open.       Here is a quick video to show you where to find the honey packets at Starbucks.


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