Are you kidding me? $365.99 = Price of a Glucagon 1mg Emergency Kit, by Lilly

Today a Cost of a Glucagon KitLilly glucagon kit costs $365.99.  WOW.  No wonder why most people with diabetes haven’t got one.  WIth or without insurance, maybe they cannot afford it or the out of pocket co-pay.  As documented by my picture, my insurance company paid 100%  $365.99 for me to carry a Glucagon Emergency Kit.    Use of this kit by a trained caregiver or first responder will prevent brain damage that begins after 30 minutes without adequate glucose.   Beyond brain damage, this kit could save my life.   To be on the safe side, 2 kits should be dispensed with every RX.   If not 3.    I should carry one with me at all times.  If I worked in an office, I would keep one there.   Wherever I spend time, it is safe to have one available for the first responders in that environment.     And if the kit is used, another one needs to take its place immediately.

Please find out how much Glucagon costs you by getting a new prescription or a refill.   Tell me – what is your copay?   Based on a retail price of $365.99?   Or more?  Or less?

I want to hear from you and your friends with t1.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

4 thoughts on “Are you kidding me? $365.99 = Price of a Glucagon 1mg Emergency Kit, by Lilly

  1. Just picked up 2 for my daughter. My out of pocket was $60 for both. My insurance saved me over $800; so about $400 each w/out insurance! I was shocked to learn that w out insurance we would have to pay that much!! Reading about epi pen cost complaints let me to looking to see ig diabetes world is being recognized for the astronomical cost of supplies as well!

  2. Thankfully I get mine paid for in full. I may have a $1.00 copay so I know that I’m very fortunate seeing as how I have very frequent lows.

  3. Yeap, it is so sad that somenthing essential for people with diabetes is so expensive😞.
    I bought one yesterday and pay $41 for insurance copay.

  4. They want $200 apiece until I reach some $4,500 threshold, at which time they start paying. I also pay $1,200 or so per month FOR the actual insurance. Insulins are about $220 a vial, humalog and Lantus. $70 for syringes. Test strips are whatever. You’re supposed to be enthused about getting ripped off quickly, so that they start paying, maybe in September, for a few months, until January, when you start all over again.
    I didn’t like that, so I went with the GE 100 meter, and get 300 test strips through Amazon for about $50.
    When I travel for work, I’ve gotten Insulin from Mexico or Canada. Lantus and Humalog are about $110 for both in Mexico. Humalog is $28 in Canada. I just ordered Glucagons from Canada for $89 each.
    Understand, these prices are “off the street” prices, not using any insurance or consideration of any deductibles. It’s $28 in Canada! I think people should be up in arms.I am.
    Realize too, these companies are not charities in Canada. They’re making a profit in countries like Canada.

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