Would you believe that a sore throat could result in death?     It can.   If you get a sore throat, take it very seriously and see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor as soon as you can.     This infection has become more common, and in adults moreso as well as children.    It has a 20% mortality rate because it is often mistaken as an upper respiratory infection, a cold or allergy symptoms.   I thought I might have strep throat because it felt like I was swallowing glass on Sunday.   Later I couldn’t swallow.   I was up pacing all night.

“Go to the hospital now,” said Dr. Stefan Kieserman, an ear nose and throat doctor, “because soon you won’t be able to breath.”    I am thinking, you’ve got to be kidding me, how did this happen?    But I couldn’t talk because my voicebox was affected by this serious infection that comes on suddenly and blocks your airway.       When I got to the ER, I handed them a note that said “I can’t talk,” and they whisked me back immediately, swabbed my throat, and set me up for a scope which revealed the blockage.   They acted swiftly to salvage what was still left of the airway, and got me breathing on a tube and gave me oxygen.   After a few days of 3 IV antibiotics, IV steroids, and of course an insulin drip, I am home and happy to be resting.   Still can’t talk, which actually hasn’t been too much of a challenge in communicating.   I bring a paper pad and pen with me and people seem to get it right away.      Please keep this experience in mind, and click on the link if you would like more details. 


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