Happiness is go…

Happiness is good health and a short memory. -Dad, aka George Wendel Heineman

I love this quote of my father.  Not sure  if he made it up, but it is a daughter’s right to attribute in the absence of evidence to the contrary.  At the time, I had no idea what the heck he meant.  It sounded like nonsense.   He actually did have a short memory but he did not have good health in his last few years after a car accident led to a series of internal injuries and his ultimate demise.    Before the accident, his whole life he had the ability to propel himself through any kind of hell on earth and hit the ground running.   And now I get it.  His words inspire me to  focus on the present, by having a short memory for my blood glucose level.  And not beat myself up about all the past “bad” blood glucose memories that stand out among the thousands of “good” ones.   Staying healthy is what makes me happy first and foremost.   The rest takes care of itself.    Thanks Dad!


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