Reduce carbs and increase protein when making your favorite recipes

How about making your favorite dishes even more appealing by making them healthier and giving them more flavor at the same time?

Add vanilla whey proteinpowder to all baked goods to boost the protein.  It’s vanilla flavored so I leave out the vanilla if the recipe calls for it. One scoop is 25 grams of protein and 8 grams of carbs.  

For every cup of flour substitute  1/4 soy flour and 3/4 cups of regular flour.  Soy flour is 10 grams of protein for 1/4 cup.  I frequently add an extra egg to my baked goods too, but this can make them more “Cakey” or dry, so add 1T of olive oil or water to compensate.

Adding wheat germ for a fiber boost works pretty well for the quick breads/muffins  (banana, carrot, pear, apple etc)  

You can experiment with adding powdered eggs to up the protein too but I’ve had mixed results.  Powered eggs work best in recipes with cheese or cream.

When bake cookies don’t add the whey, just switch out with half soy and half regular flour.  Almond flour adds a neat taste to baked goods but it’s way more expensive than soy flour.    

When cooking a non meat meal it usually has black or pinto  beans in it with a rice or other whole grain source.  The two combine to make a complete protein, and you can add some cheese to it as well.  Try a soy based food called tofu: add 1-2T to most sauces (it’s creamy and blends well with cheese) 

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention – use walnut oil in brownies, instead of plain oil. It tastes better AND is better for you than butter or margarine or vegetable oil. I use olive oil for everything instead of butter, as well as using it instead of mayo and butter on bread and sandwiches.

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