“Only those who…

“Only those who risk going too far will possibly find out how far one can go.” -T.S. Eliot

Have you reached a wall, a plateau, run out of breath, lost interest in the game because the score hasn’t changed in a while?   Diabetes is utterly boring.   The scenery never changes. It’s like living in a climate where the season never changes. The static nature of the disease is not sexy.   It’s like that annoying, loud person in the next cubicle who will not shut up about how much he hates the company but never does anything about.   Yeah, ok, so what can you do to make the situation more tolerable?    Please tell me.   How do you do it?   I look at people with type 1 and wonder how they think about their constant companion, their unwanted appendage.    I really don’t buy the “it’s really not that bad” mentality.    Smells like denial to me.   Or a show boat.    Yep, a superiority complex.  Like saying “if you can’t take the pressure, get out of the kitchen.”   Except they forgot that the kitchen is the only room in the house of diabetes…  Haven’t you met people who say,  

“I am like so together, so cool, so psychologically healthy, so immune to whatever challenge comes my way.  Plus, people with type 1 diabetes bring it so much more than people without it.  Just look at Mary Tyler Moore, (my idol since age 9) Halle Berry or Gary Hall, Nicole Johnson or Crystal Bowersox.   All hotties.”