Unplanned Pumpcation with surprisingly good results

Take away message of this post is: Using Lantus a long acting insulin with no peak, for one day, kept me within my target range: no hypoglycemia.

This was a pleasant, unexpected surprise. I started to feel better, less tired. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to adjust my eating pattern to a grazing with small amounts of food. Few prunes here, a handful of walnuts later, a handful of carrots later, an 80 calorie greek fat free yogurt later, one hard boiled egg, a serving of green peas, a cup of pumpkin soup, and later a protein bar after a workout of strengthening and yoga and rowing. Hmmm, maybe this is something I should try for a while, and taking a longer Pumpcation.

Here’s what happened: The other day, as I prepared to fill a new pump cartridge I realized that I had inadvertently thrown out the new bottle of nNvolog and kept the empty one. Dang!

I didn’t have another bottle as a back up because my pharmacy didn’t have enough Novolog on hand to fill my entire prescription. I can only refill my prescription on the last day of my 30 day supply. Why doesn’t Walgreen’s, aka Duane Reade in Manhattan, carry more than one bottle of Novolog at any time? Why don’t they realize that they have a customer that buys 3 bottles every 30 days. The insurance company and Walgreen’s want to wait as long as they can to pay. I suffer because it usually ends up in risking going without insulin for a brief period, AND it is twice as much work. I have to the pharmacy twice to pick up the remainder of the prescription.

Please share your pump vacations if you want, and state how your control was compared to your usual regimen on a pump.